Certified International Quality Management Professional (CIQMP)

Certified International Quality Management Professional (CIQMP)

Why Quality Management?

The dynamic environment in which business is conducted today is characterized by what has been
referred to as “the six c’s:” change, complexity, customer demands, competitive pressure, cost
impacts, and constraints.

 There are three principal dimensions for measuring process quality:

1- Effectiveness,
2- Efficiency, and
3- Adaptability.
The process is effective if the output meets customer needs. It is efficient when it is effective at the
least cost. The process is adaptable when it remains effective and efficient in the face of the many
changes that occur over time. A process orientation is vital if management is to meet customer needs and ensure organizational health.


Final Exam

2 Hours online final exam


This course end up with an international certification from The American international Certification Institute (AICI) and powered by International Consulting & Engineering (ICE)


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Certified International Quality Management Professional (CIQMP)
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