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  1. What do we offer?

ICE and its partners are offering the Edutainment Life Experience; we have infused the corporate leadership development and travel market with a burst of energy to shatter the norms! Norms that were set by companies that are content to follow rather than lead. These companies habitually practice routine maneuvers rather than innovate...and they are losing ground quickly.

We’ve created a unique, committed, passionate, and responsible team that communicates with respect, energy and inspiration. We bring about positive change by encouraging companies and organizations to not only think outside the box, but to dig deep and locate the passion and excitement that will fuel the growth of any company or organization.




  1. How do we do it?

To create this new standard of corporate excellence, we energize and excite those who join us...with groundbreaking new management skills, limited time in the classroom, and fantastic opportunities to soar to new heights, whether climbing a mountain, deep sea diving, or parasailing!

Sometimes those heights can be the goals you create for yourself while relaxing and recharging with us. This unusual mix of information and inspiration, education and daring escapades, meditation and revitalization, will change your life forever.


  1. Bring Your Family along

Our Edutainment Life Experiences are open to families as well, so you can bring along your loved ones on this amazing adventure. We are completely confident that you will all enjoy yourselves and have fun throughout this transformational trip.


  1. Train and have a vacation

We provide business training under the guise of a relaxing vacation or thrilling adventure! Many of our lessons are learned through travel, meeting new people, team-building exercises and visiting thrilling sites. White-water rafting, cliff-diving, hang-gliding. Once you’ve conquered these challenges, work is easy! And if your own career provides you with plenty of ups and downs already, kick back and relax!

You don’t have to be an athlete to have a phenomenal time during an Edutainment Life Experience. All adventure opportunities are optional. You can choose to sunbathe, attend spectator sports, go for a boat ride, or any of the many soothing and recreational activities.




Courses offered in USA

 Technical training

      1. Nuclear

  • Introduction to Nuclear Power
  • The Basics of the Nuclear Industry
  • Nuclear Applications Projects

      2. I&C

  • Process Instrumentation and Control Instructor
  • Process Control Technology
  • Triconex System
  • TRIDENT/TriStation 1131 Basic Maintenance
  • Triconex OPC & Networking Essentials
  • I/A Series System
  • Introduction to Configuration version 6 and 7
  • Advanced I/A Series Tools for UNIX servers
  • I/A Series System FDSI with Mod bus
  • FOUNDATION Field bus System Engineering with IACC

     3. HSE

  • Principles of Safety
  • Advanced Process Risk assessment
  • EHS International Diploma
  • Managing Safely in Construction
  • Environmental protection

     4. Oil & Gas

  • LNG Short Course: Technology and the LNG Chain
  • Gas Conditioning and Processing - LNG Emphasis
  • Drilling techniques Conformity Assessment
  • Process Utility Systems
  • Heat Transfer Equipment
  • Fundamentals of Offshore Systems Design and Construction
  • PLC and SCADA Technologies
  • Gas Turbines
  • Refinery Gas Treating, Sour Water, Sulfur and Tail Gas
  • International Petroleum Contracts
  • Professional Business and Technical Communication
  • High Performance Petroleum Teams

     5. Simulation

  • Triconex Simulation Solution, ESD Simulation Solution, & Honeywell FSC I/A Simulation Solution
  • Yokogawa CS 1000/CS3000 Simulation Solution


     6. New Training Fields

  • Testing Laboratories (Food, Environmental, Chemical, Detergents,
  • Cosmetics, Microbiology, Drinking Water, Air pollution, Halal food testing)
  • ISO 17025, 15189, 17043 ,22000
  • Building and Green Building
  • Quality Management Programs
  • IT security
  • Forensic Laboratories
  • Medical Laboratories
  • Quality systems and programs



 Managerial and soft skills Training


  1. Soft Skills.
  2. Project Management.
  3. Human Resources 



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