Certified International Performance Management Dialogue Professional (CIPDP)

The main objective for Certified International Performance Management Dialogue Professional (CIPDP) is to upgrade the knowledge and skills of the potential Performance
Management Professional which will enable the (CIPDP) graduate to have all these Key Benefits:
i. Recognize the importance of Performance Management considering the differences between system and dialogue, including the various performance appraisals methods and techniques.
ii. Know how to set objectives and evaluate whether these objectives have been met at the end of each performance period.

iii. Develop an effective performance management style, using appropriate inputs and techniques.
iv. Understand the importance of linking the individual, departmental and organizational objectives and  achievements for a betterment quality.

Who should attend? This program (CIPDP) is specially designed for those who practice the
Performance Management Function as a Supervisor or Line Manager and or in THR
Department and monitor the performance on the 3 levels, Individual, Department and Organization
in terms of Total Rewarding Management like Bonus, incentives, Renewing Labor Contract,
Conducting TNA, Implementing Competency Model, and or Applying the MBO (Management by
Objectives) in the workplace.

Final Exam

2 Hours online final exam


This course end up with an international certification from The American international Certification Institute (AICI) and powered by International Consulting & Engineering (ICE)


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Certified International Performance Management Dialogue Professional (CIPDP)
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