Advanced Executive Secretary

(The Art of the Protocol, Public Relations & Archiving)


The course objectives:

  • Participants acquire new skills and actually refine skills through four main axes
  • Tasks and responsibilities
  • Basic and personal skills
  • Actual and practical applications
  • Art of Protocol.
  • Improvement and developing the capacity and skills of workers to acquire modern knowledge towards the use of modern methods and techniques in secretarial work and
  • Development office manager’s skills and providing them with technical aid necessary for the performance of work and high production efficiency and provide them with the expertise and skills required by the responsibilities and job duties.
  • Giving the knowledge and experience of participants and the administrative and technical skills that will enable them to achieve effective communication and coordination between senior management and the rest of the parts of the organization, according to the latest technical methods used in business administration and completed in check the organization's goal.



Course Outline:

  • The importance of keeping communication and office archiving.
  • Dealing with office communications.
  • Origination and documentation cycle.
  • Classification, coding and indexing.
  • The use of the computer in the archive.
  • Save and retrieve correspondence and documents.
  • Preparation of reports and correspondence
  • Concept of correspondence, reports and types.
  • The importance of reports for management.
  • Style writing correspondence and reports.
  • common mistakes in writing correspondence and reports.
  • Modern secretarial skills
  • The role of the administrative assistant at the facility, and attributes Administrative Assistant
  • Communication skills in secretarial offices
  • preparation of the agenda and minutes of the meeting, and the organization of travel
  • Organization of office work: dates, time, according to the order of business priorities
  • Tasks and responsibilities and attributes of office manager, administrative assistant and executive secretary.
  • Time management and prioritization.
  • Dealing with telephone calls, and with the visitors.
  • Electronic communications (Internet, intranet, and e-mail).
  • Dealing skills with VIPs
  • Conference Room and Board of Directors Protocol
  • Etiquette appearance, clothing and gifts
  • Etiquette talking on the phone



Course Duration: 3 Days




Advanced Executive Secretary





  • PMI
  • API
  • ASME
  • IOSH
  • HRCI
  • SHRM
  • Oracle
  • MicroSoft
  • IRCA
  • AICI
  • STS
  • PECB



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