Human Resources International Certificate Professional (HRICP)

What is (HRICP®) about?

HRICP is to upgrade the knowledge and skills fof the HR Professional
trainee to the with full understanding of the HR strategic and operational functions.

It is a well-designed based on a unique logical sequence serving its interactive methodology and sharing knowledge and skills between the attendees and the instructor


Who should attend?             

This program HRICP is specially designed for Professionals, managers,
and executives who are involved in Human Resources management at the HR supervisory level or line manager with background 3-5 years‟ experience..


Course Outline

Day 1

Module 1 Human Resources Fundamentals
- Job Analysis, Form design, collecting data and its methods, Data analysis and outputs
- Position Description as Competency Based tool
- Job design the know how
- Elaborated Organization Structures and its Different Types
- Mini workshop on creating Position Description

Module 2 Competency Based Management (CBM)
Competency Based Management a way to business excellence
- Components of Competency and Type of Competencies in depth
- Mini workshop on difference between Job Description and Competency Model
- Competency Model practical steps
- Elaborating factors that need to be considered in design the competency model

- Importance of the Link between Firm core competence & employee core
- Highlighting benefits of using competency model, for the company, managers and
- Practical benefits of using competency model in different HR functions.

Day 2
Module 3 Total Rewarding Management (Compensation and benefits C&B)
General conclusion to:
c- Compensation Structure
- Job Evaluation, definition and know how
- Non quantitative methods , Job Ranking, Job Classification
- Quantitative methods, Point Factor method & Factor Comparison method
- Market Based Evaluation
- Pay Survey and Internal Vs External Survey
- Rewarding Data analysis
- Pay Structure , Pay Grades and Pay Ranges with Range Separates and Broad banding
d- Compensation Systems
   - Payroll Function and Systems
   - Base-Pay Systems
       Single- or flat-rate system.
       Time-based step-rate system.
       Performance based,/merit pay system.
       Productivity-based system.
       Person-based system.
  - Pay Variations and Pay Adjustments
  - Types of Incentive Pay Plans
       Individual incentive plans.
       Group incentive plans.
       Organization-wide incentives

Day 3
Module 4 Human Resources Planning
- Definition of Planning and Human Resources Planning
- Human Resources Planning foundation
- Cohesive manpower planning
- Human Resources Forecasting Techniques
- HR Supply Forecast
- Manpower Control Section
- Importance of Human Resources Planning
Module 5 Recruitment and Selection
- Introduction to Recruitment and Selection function and its importance
- Selection and Recruitment Process which will include but not limited to interview
different types and techniques
- Orientation process, what and how?
- Termination process, what and how?

Day 4
Module 6 Performance Management System (PMS)
- What is Performance Management?
- The purpose of a performance management plan
- Explain performance management process, measurements and information

- Explore what is Performance Appraisal?
- Elaborate the Approaches to Performance Appraisal
- Clarify the purpose of Performance Appraisal
- Explain Performance Appraisal process
- Benefits of performance appraisal
- What are Performance Appraisal Pitfalls and their solutions?
- Link Individual Performance to Organizational Goals
- Contemporary Goal Management Vs. traditional one
- Automating the Performance Management Process
- A Quality Checklist for Organizational Goals
- KRA KPA KPI What and how?
- Examples of Performance appraisals

Day 5
Module 7 Training, Learning and Development (TLD)
- Training, its role and impact on the organization
- Training and development Overview and Process
- Training concept and definition.
- Employee Development concept and definition
- The Training Process what and how
- Conduct training needs analyses (TNA).
- Develop training objectives and review available training methods.
- Design/select training methods and also design training evaluation approach(s).
- Implement training program
- Measure training results (ROI)


Final Exam

2 Hours online final exam


This course end up with an international certification from The American international Certification Institute (AICI) and powered by International Consulting & Engineering (ICE)


What format will the program follow?

This course will be delivered through a combination of lectures, case studies, practical hands-on exercises and projects. The course is designed to provide the attendees with as much practical experience as possible to prepare them to implement the human resource functions in their organizations.


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Human Resources International Certificate Professional (HRICP) 


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