API 570 - Piping Inspector Program

Course Objectives:

This course will prepare an Inspector to successfully complete the API 570 Authorized Piping Inspector Certification Examination by thoroughly reviewing the API 570 Standard, APT CERT 571, API CERT 574, API CERT 577, API CERT 578 the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Sections V and IX, and the ASME Code for Pressure Piping B16.5 and B31.3. Mock examination questions, meeting the appropriate specific examination criteria, will be utilized to simulate actual API test conditions, providing an effective study base.  

The API initiated the Piping Inspector certification program to provide a continued high level of safety through the use of Inspectors specialized in process piping. The program promotes self-regulation, establishing a uniform standard that will assist national, regional and local governments in setting Process Piping regulations.

Who Should Attend:

This course is tailored for Engineers, Supervisors, Managers and personnel who are interested in the API 570 program, or who are responsible for inspection, maintenance, repair and alteration of piping systems, and who wish to present themselves for the Piping Inspector Certification Examination.

Course Outline:

Day 1:

 Introduction to API 570

 Certification examination information

 Body of Knowledge — API 570

 Introduction to Piping Code, B 31.3

 Impact testing requirements

 Design of piping components — ASME B 31.3

 Thickness calculations for pipes and blanks

 Pressure tests

 Hydrostatic

 Pneumatic

 Pre-heating and PWHT requirements for piping

 Daily Quiz


Day 2

 Points to recall

 Review of Quiz

 Selection of flanges Pr-temp. ratings & Pressure testing of flanges

 Evaluation of flanged fittings

 Material for pipes and fittings

 Common ASTM specifications

 Introduction to API 570

 API 570 Scope, applicability & limitations

 QA Manual. Organization and responsibilities

 Authorized inspection agency

 Repair organization

 Inspection practices; RBI inspection

 Daily Quiz


Day 3

 Points to recall, Review of Quiz

 Deteriorating of piping components

 CUI, SCC, creep and fatigue failures

 Inspection methods

 Determining inspection frequencies

 Extent of inspection

 Corrosion under insulation

 Inspection Data Evaluation

 Evaluation of thinned areas

 Evaluation of pitted areas

 Determining safe MAWP

 Daily Quiz


Day 4

 Points to recall, Review of Quiz

 Repairs, alterations, re-rating of piping systems

 Repair and alteration procedures

 Inspection Of Buried piping

 Corrosivity tests

 Cathodic protection of buried piping

 Leak testing of piping

 Retirement thickness

 Inspection records

 Daily Quiz


Day 5

 Points to recall, Review of Quiz

 API 574 — Piping components

 Inspection practices

 Selection of TMLs

 Retirement thickness calculation for valves and flanged fittings

 ASME Section IX Requirements

 Welding qualifications

 WPS/PQR tests and documentation

 Performance qualifications

 Review of WPS/PQR documents

 Additional WPS/PQR requirements as per ASME B 31.3 and API 570

 Welding Inspection requirements as per B 31.3

 Daily Quiz


Day 6

 Points to recall, Review of Quiz

 ASME Section V Requirements

 Non-destructive testing procedures

 Procedural requirements for RT, PT, MT, UT

 NDT procedures

 visual testing

 bubble test

 Final Simulated Exam (Open book)

 Final Simulated Exam (Close book)

 Review of open book and closed book exams

 Test taking tips

 Discussion on planning and preparation for the actual exam

 Feedback

 Concluding Session


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API 570 - Piping Inspector Program   


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