API 936 - Refractory Inspection Code


API 936 Refractory Inspection Code - Application, Installation, Inspection, Testing & Repair (API Exam Preparation Training)

What is (API 936) about?

Upon the successful completion of this course, each participant will be able to:

  • Prepare for the next API 936 exam and have enough knowledge and skills to pass such exam in order to get the API 936 certification
  • Perform the installation, repair, testing and inspection requirements of refractory systems


  • Gain in-depth understanding on the laboratory testing procedures including the testing equipments & methods, sample preparation techniques, dimensional requirements for test specimen and the responsibilities for personnel & documentation requirements
  • Determine what is an applicator and identify the various material qualification needed in the installation, sample preparation and surface separation requirements of the refractory system.
  • Recognize the responsibilities of personnel and list down the documentations needed in the material qualification of a refractory system
  • Enumerate the various requirements & guidelines needed in the installation of the refractory system including the knowledge of detailed execution plan such as the design details & quality standards
  • List gunite procedures and equipment including variables that affect gunite quality
  • Employ the procedures of inspection including the job specifications, application standards & data collection procedures
  • Identify the acceptance and rejection criteria for the inspection of the refractory system
  • Develop an in-depth knowledge on the post-installation methods for refractory systems and be able to learn the applicable heating rates for various classes of refractories


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API 936 Refractory Inspection Code  


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